The ultimate health & weight loss App

The BBB app will help you make BETTER food choices so you can lose unwanted weight and feel fantastic all the time! With every junk food on the planet turned into an equally tasty healthier version you can’t possibly go wrong. BBB is a practical, lifelong plan that allows full-fat, full-flavour without feeling bloated, guilty or gaining weight.

Start feeling fantastic today

How the app works

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    Find all of your favourite foods, beverages and cuisine types.

  • discoverDiscover

    See the BETTER and BEST options for each food or dish.

  • learnLearn

    Understand how each food choice affects your health and waistline.

The features that make losing weight easy

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    BBB Food Options
    Find every food and learn the BAD, BETTER and BEST version of it in an instant.
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    Meal Type
    Here you’ll learn how to leave every meal feeling slim, satisfied and energized.
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    Enjoy all your favourite flavours from around the world without feeling fat, guilty or bloated.
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    My Choices
    Tracks how many BAD, BETTER or BEST decisions you’ve made.
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    Store your favourite foods to be reminded of the BETTER and BEST alternatives.
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    Weekly Tips
    Discover secrets for fast fat loss and superior health not known in mainstream society.
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