Are vegetarians healthier than meat-eaters?

Thin and fat woman eating

I would have to say overall ‘Yes’, but that’s mainly due to eliminating dead processed foods and replacing them with fresh live foods.

Secondly, another huge health bonus for going vego’s is that most commercial meat that is sold is sub-standard, I’m talking about:

  1. Sauce-coated chickens – Drowning in BADS fats, sugar, preservatives & salt
  2. Supermarket Sausages – aka lips & anus’ (in other words old offcuts)
  3. Grain-fed meat – This is most beef products. A cow’s natural diet is grass, but cows are often stuffed with grains to fatten them up quickly. The same effect is achieved when humans consume too many grains.
  4. Packaged slice meats – These include chicken loaf, devon (or fritz), packet ham & bacon

It is for these reasons that meat got its BAD name, but this does not apply to the grass-fed meats that were the norm up until around 50 years ago.

In short, if you avoid the above tampered meats and only choose certified organic grass-fed meats from a farmers’ market or organic butcher, you can avoid the nasty nitrates, nitrites, sulphites and other artificial preservatives that make meat unhealthy. For more detail check out ‘Meat’ in your BBB comparison.

Tune in tomorrow to learn why it can be hard to digest red meat and how to make it easy as (sing the following) A, B, C… so simple as Do Re Mi…

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