Keto-OS 1 year on…

Just over a year ago a friend and fellow soldier in the war against obesity and other preventable lifestyle conditions introduced me to Keto-OS, as always I tried it with an open mind and an honest experiment.

It worked very well in terms both performance and aesthetics (see previous blog posts), which I always like, as my ageing body and fragile ego isn’t ready to start getting slower, sorer and softer – Cue: Suck in tummy and sit up tall.

What I like about Keto-OS?

  1. You can lose body-fat and still have a life

While our bodies/Liver create Ketones naturally from a strict diet of high fat and very low carbs, the ketogenic diet it is not at all social and very hard to sustain for a long period of time. However by drinking the exogenous ketones you don’t have to be so strict, which works out well if you have what scientists’ call ‘a life’.

  1.  It is not available from wholefoods

Unlike protein powders, that are usually just milk broken down into a powder form with a sweetener added, you can’t actually consume ketones from any food source.

  1. It’s Free!

As this is still a relatively new company the main way they are getting the word out there is to give their product away for free. You only pay shipping! All you have to do is introduce 2 people who enrol as a customer and commit to monthly smartship, and you receive your monthly smartship FREE, as long as they continue to order.
More info:

This type of marketing saves huge amounts of money on shop fronts, rent, staff etc. to highlight this the average protein powder has a 700% mark up, whereas Keto-OS has a 40% mark up. All you need is your own website name (URL) which you can individualise as shown below. If you want anymore info on this PM me and i’ll send you a video I’ve made.

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Who has gotten results and who hasn’t?

After a year of trialling it on myself as well as 55 clients, friends and family, as well as reading and hearing about the millions of others that have tried it, here are my observations:

Who it works best for:

  1. People that exercise regularly.

A bit of a no-brainer but there are millions of people that still expect to take a supplement, sit on the couch, drink excessive booze, eat junk food and are genuinely shocked when they don’t lose 1kg/week.

  1. People that increase their fats and decrease their carbohydrates.

This is the crux of a ketogenic diet, and many other diets too (I Quit Sugar, Paleo). In short, whenever you decrease your alcohol, sugar and refined and starchy carbohydrates intake you will lose weight, the problem is this is what most people’s diet is made up of, particularly the carbohydrates (Breakfast cereals, almost all breads, pasta, etc.).

Keto-OS will decrease the cravings for these foods, BUT it helps if you start replacing the carbs with higher fat foods such as avocados, raw nuts, unprocessed meats, coconut products, click on image below for a clearer view.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.14.46 pm

  1. People who take it consistently

Just like people drink a coffee everyday for that morning kick, drinking Keto-OS is similar to caffeine in that it’s effects peak around 30-60 mins after you consume it and has a half-life for around 3-5 hours. For the days where you don’t exercise I have observed that it is most beneficially when consuming it just as the carb/sugar cravings kick in which is around 10am and again around the 2-3pm mark.

In conclusion, when you combine a healthy amount of exercise and cut down (not out) the sugar and carbs the weight loss results come faster.

What else does it do?

As being in a state of Ketosis is more than just about changing you from a sugar-burner into a fat-burner, it also helps with ALL other inflammatory reactions that include:

  1. Arthritis, colitis, or any other ‘–itis’
  2. Decreases muscle inflammation, which is why Cross-fitters love it so they can train hard twice a hard with less muscle inflammation. Forget about 2 sessions a day, I found turning 40 increased my inflammation.
  3. Lower insulin levels which means less chance of diabetes
  4. Lower cholesterol levels which is good if you want to avoid having a stroke or heart attack.

Summary Points

In summary, using ketones as fuel instead of sugar helps you to stop craving sugar and carbs which is the foundation to losing weight, longer term helps prevent inflammatory conditions arising and just helps your body and brain function better. I am continuing to use it and promote it to all those people who are ready to take both health and performance to the next level.

Thanks to everyone that has tried it I hope you too are feeling and seeing the benefits.

A Fat Loss Supplement that actually works


There are many weight loss methods, but at the end of the day, we are all emotional beings and are likely to eat whatever makes us feel good at the time and possibly regret it later.

A big part of my job (and passion) is to find the easiest and most effective products and methods for health and weight loss. This year at the FILEX convention, the latest technology that got everyone excited was the mobile DEXA scans or body fat scanning machines.

In April, my DEXA scan revealed a body fat percentage of 23%! Too much for a health professional who specializes in weight loss.

Despite maintaining a disciplined diet and exercise regime, I found myself gradually getting slower, stiffer and fatter. Was this the middle aged spread everyone talks about?

When a fellow health practitioner approached me with the Keto-OS supplement, I was hesitant as I already practice so many healthy habits and take supplements, but I was soon to discover that this supplement works on a completely different level to anything else out there.

‘Keto-OS’ puts you into Ketosis. Simply put, it changes you from a ‘sugar-burner’ to a ‘fat-burner’.

Here it is important to state that I did not force any dietary changes or do anymore than my normal 4-5 workouts/week. I have always been sceptical of dietary fads and tricks that supposedly allow you to drop weight quickly and safely. My preference has always been enhanced health and weight loss through good nutrition and wholesome, organic foods. However, this supplement – created has proven to be the exception.

After a couple of weeks of taking Keto-OS, I noticed that I even stopped craving the spelt pumpkin seed sourdough bread I frequently enjoyed, my gluten-free buns were left on the plate and I no longer needed my morning green bar (green vegetables & honey)…never thought I’d farewell these from my diet!

After around 5 weeks, I just didn’t feel like eating as much food, and to me, food is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

How it works:

When your body is in ketosis, you crave and eat less sugar and starchy carbs, particularly grains and you naturally crave healthy fats. Keto-OS puts your body into ketosis faster and more easily than reaching ketosis through diet and exercise alone.

Reasons to love Keto-OS:

Since taking Keto-OS, I have more energy for work, training and my ever-demanding kids (Bless them). With another baby soon to join our family, I know I’m going to need these elevated energy levels even more. I’m also less stiff and sore after heavy exercise and I have no feelings of dietary deprivation.

This last point is huge, no one wants to ever feel deprived. And feelings of deprivation are the core of why most diets don’t work and are not sustainable past the 2-week mark.

Unlike other diets or cleanses, with Keto-OS you don’t have give up anything! You simply mix the supplement with water in the morning after breakfast or before training and eat how you normally would. Gradually your body will tell you what it wants.

Drawbacks of this product:

  • Time and shipping:

It takes 4-5 days to get here from the US and the shipping costs around $AU30.

  • Taste:

For a couple of my clients, the taste was too sweet; personally I loved it. You can mix things such as raspberries to the orange or more cacao to the chocolate powder to squash the sweetness.

Flavours available are chocolate, orange, creme, swiss cacao (real chocolate), Maui punch, Raspberry Lemonade or Grape.


People like how they feel on Keto-OS:

All of my clients that bought a first box have since purchased a second, third or fourth.

If you measure weight loss according to a number on the scales, with Keto-OS your weight loss on the scales isn’t as fast as everyone likes to see. What is important to note is that this is a FAT LOSS supplement and by becoming a sugar-burner rather than a fat-burner, you will lose fat and gain muscle. This is why I recommend getting a DEXA scan that measure fat loss and muscle gain rather than measuring your progress by the bathroom scales that simply display your overall weight. If you’re not up for a scan, notice how your clothes fit, or better yet, use my own personal favourite measure of change – before and after selfies.

The bottom line is people are going to eat and drink whatever they feel like at the time. With this supplement, you will feel like less caffeine, sugar, starchy carbs and will feel like more healthy fats and you will also feel like eating less food overall.

More info. here:


Keto-OS Experiment


For the past 22 years I’ve been trying to help people get fitter and lose weight. On the whole, I have been successful with part 1, however part 2 has been far more difficult, and with some clients, completely elusive.

Despite a dozen different approaches and various protocols all in the name of enhanced health and accelerated weight loss, they have all fundamentally failed for 2 reasons…the 2 Ds.

These methods all require varying degrees of Discipline and Deprivation, 2 things that continue to become a challenge in this fast-paced, expensive world we live in. I still back all of these approaches, and they deliver on their promises… as long as people are willing to be disciplined, make some sacrifices and change unhealthy habits.

In my job, I am always being asked to try supplements.

  • Almost all are chemically-concocted rubbish that I reject after reading the ingredient list.
  • A handful are OK, but don’t serve a purpose for me e.g. Because I eat so many green foods and juices the “Mega greens” supplements do not have ANY impact on the way I feel, although they do good for many other people.
  • A very small selection of supplements
    make me feel and function better and are part of my daily routine, this is on top of a diet that comprises of 95% wholefood, organic produce, fresh from the farmers market each week.

A month ago a fellow health professional told me about ‘Keto-OS’ a supplement that requires ZERO forced dietary changes and no more exercise than you feel like doing but still delivers results. I thought this one would be worth a try and was interested to know how well it would take care of the 2 Ds.

For the last 4 weeks, I have not forced any dietary or exercise changes. I have continued to eat a clean, healthy diet and have kept up my usual exercise routine (3-4 sessions/week). However, in just 2 weeks on Keto-OS I didn’t feel like my spelt bread with egg & avo in the morning, I switched to a wholefoods protein shake instead.

Experiences over the last 20 years have shown me that the vast majority of people do NOT want to give up their alcohol, sugar and all the other dietary pleasures that make up part of modern living…despite their desire to lose weight. Remembering this, I was mindful not to significantly change my diet while trialling Keto-OS.

To get a true measure of the effect of this supplement, I did pre and post testing for both my bodyfat and performance indicators. Results are:

Body composition:

Weight:    -700 grams, nothing to write home about.

Muscle Mass:    +1.3kg, I have been trying to improve – score!

Bodyfat: -2kg or  3% loss, Double score!

InBody score: Up 5 points. Inbody is an accurate scanning system that measures your body composition and symmetry.


Strength:     From 169kg up to 184.5kg = +15.5kg  (Image below)

Anaerobic capacity:     From 23 cals to 27 cals = +4 cals

Aerobic capacity:     7.13 to 6.59 = 14 seconds faster

If, like me, you are training as hard as physically can, you are eating as clean as you mentally can, and have reached a plateau (I blame the aging process), I recommend doing the experiment for yourself. See if you feel any of these changes I went through (listed in the order I experienced):

  1. More energy for exercise
  2. Less inflammation and soreness after exercise
  3. More productive at work
  4. Increased motivation to help with tasks at home
  5. Less cravings for starchy carbs
  6. Reduced bodyfat
  7. Just not feeling like as much food as I used to eat

Of course, the general and tried and true recommendation for weight loss is to eat well and exercise more, but everybody already knows that and, for most people, this is just not enough, it was enough for me up until 1 year when I started experiencing the middle-aged spread…at 39!

With Keto-OS, you just take the drink in the morning and then do what you normally do, NO FORCED CHANGES!

Depending on the US dollar it’s around $210 Australian for the 30-day pack, including delivery from the States, which is around $30.

Here’s some more info on their website: More info on how Keto-OS works click on this link and watch the video:

Private message me on FB if you’re keen to join me.


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