Why I eat Full Fat (including saturated fats) to lose weight

Eating Full Fat to lose weight

Up until a few decades ago everybody ate full-fat…or should I more accurately say FULL-NATURAL foods such as meat, milk, butter, etc.

Let’s take a quick look at how fat, in particular saturated fat became the evil nutrient that supposedly clogged arteries, caused cancer and stopped hearts…

When heart disease became the number 1 killer in the USA (1960’s), the government demanded answers. They wanted a villain to blame and something to hang…sadly and inaccurately saturated fats became the scapegoat.

20 years later in the 1980’s fats & oils were still at the top of the ‘healthy’ diet pyramid…as in only consume tiny amounts. After obesity and other health-related issues continued to run rampant it finally came to light that there were different types of fats – Good and Bad…well guess what? There are Good and Bad saturated fats too!

Did you know there are over 12 different types of saturated fats?

I wholeheartedly agree that the saturated fats found in hot dogs, pizzas and deep-fried foods are the artery-clogging kind. However, natural fats, including the saturated fats found in red meat, butter and coconuts were and still are inaccurately grouped with these harmful man-made saturated fats.

If we turn back the clock a little further these saturated fats in their natural, organic state allowed humans to survive and thrive for more than 40,000 years – years which were free from high cholesterol, heart disease and cellulite I might add.

Of course we were much more active back in caveman times but the fact remains it wasn’t until we started tampering with fats back in the early 1900s that these natural, nutrient-rich fats became harmful to humans.

All you need to know is that the foods such as ‘no-cholesterol’ margarines and the thousands of other health-food products proudly claiming zero saturated fats are usually the ones containing the artificial TRANS fats that heavily contribute towards:
• Inflammation issues (everything from headaches to obesity)
• High cholesterol
• Heart disease
• Many other modern day health ailments commonly treated with medications

In contrast, the saturated fats found in breast milk, organic grass-fed meats and full-fat dairy are the nutrient-dense fats that our gut and liver can easily: recognise, digest, metabolise, absorb and turn into abundant energy.

Think about it simply – It does not make sense that modern man with his chemical formulas and laboratory’s is better equipped to produce more nutritious food than Mother Nature with all of her infinite wisdom.

It has been reported that millions of people in western society fill their shopping trolleys 90-100% food ‘products’ – many of these proudly claim they are low in fat and contain little to no saturated fats, yet obesity rates continue to soar.

The World Health Organisation estimates that there are 1.5 billion overweight and obese people in the world and this trend shows few signs of slowing down, despite the thousands of low-fat products that flood the supermarket shelves, our tables and eventually our bellies.

Bottom line – When you eat the right kind of healthy fats (even saturated fats) your body is nourished and your appetite is satisfied much sooner, you will no longer need to rely on the unreliable will power to stop you over-eating.

The truth is that only BAD fats make you fat, as well as refined carbohydrates and excess sugar.

To learn how to find and eliminate all these and many more of the ‘health’ foods making people fatter, sadder and more lethargic consult BBB.

The BBB app has ALL the information you need to enjoy your favourite foods without sacrificing any flavour.

With BBB you can learn how to eat full-fat, full-flavour with any of the guilt or fatty side-effects.

The EASY way to lose weight

Easy weight lossEvery week thousands, if not millions of people start a health-kick or diet and their No. 1 goal is almost always rapid weight loss. Exercise (and plenty of it) is usually involved in any rapid weight loss attempt. While exercise will certainly help you burn lots of calories and is great for your heart and muscles, it can sometimes cause more harm than good.

To make this point clear let’s compare the human body and the motor car. If you ask any good mechanic if you should jump into your old car that’s been sitting in your rusty garage for 1, 5 or 10 years, then start the ignition and put the pedal to the metal they will most likely scream “Wo, Wo, Wo!”.

To function properly again the old car will require a full service including: an oil change, wheels re-aligned and tyres pumped, brakes checked, engine cleaned and most likely other parts of the car’s body and mechanics will require attention, the human body is much the same, if you’ve:

1. Left it in the garage/seated position
2. Fed it the wrong foods and drinks
3. Ignored your body’s many signals…
…then taking a body like this out on the racetrack/gym at full throttle can cause discomfort and  potentially lead to injury, this is why people often give up on exercise and experiment with yet another way to lose weight.

I’m here to tell you the EASY way to lose weight…and make your car function better.

Firstly you must clean out your engine – In the human body this is the Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT). As well as a good clean out it’s vital that a car and the human body run on the best, most appropriate fuel possible; this means you must choose the perfect fuel/food specifically designed for your body and your body alone.

Another massive step towards easy weight loss is a properly functioning liver. Your liver produces and releases bile salts that help breakdown your fat into useable fuel.

A healthy thyroid gland is yet another (and often forgotten) step towards an efficient fat-burning machine. A healthy thyroid affects your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and your RMR is responsible for burning the vast majority of calories each day. In fact the RMR is responsible for burning around 70% of your daily calories – significantly more than the 5-10% that are burned through exercise.

Bottom line Before you go out on the track pushing your muscles and heart rate to the limit:
1. Clean out your gut
2. Fill your body with the perfect fuel
3. Detoxify your liver
4. Stop abusing your thyroid with diet foods and artificial sweeteners

BBB gives you the perfect plan for cleaning out your entire system while still enjoying all your favourite flavours. This makes losing weight and keeping it off much easier.

Why diets DON’T work

Diets Don't work

The reasons diets don’t work long-term is the same reason why New Year’s Resolutions often become nothing more than a faded memory by February. Our modern-day eating habits are largely dictated by taste, convenience and price, rather than our physiological nutritional needs. For example – Do you run down to the fruit shop for a squeeze of lemon to go with your water when someone’s doing a coffee run?…not likely.

Addictive, unhealthy habits include:

  • Excess caffeine intake (more than 2/day).
  • A diet dominated by refined carbohydrates – this is most breakfast cereals, breads and pastas.
  • Continual emotional or reward-eating such as a glass or two of wine or beer at night and/or a sweet something after an over-sized dinner.

These everyday survival habits help to keep: our brains pepped up and stimulated to complete a never-ending lists of tasks, our flavour-craving taste buds satisfied, and on an emotional level, they promote the feeling of relaxation that comes with having a full stomach.

But this all-to common cycle of caffeine, refined carbs and sweet treats unfortunately leads to a growing waistline, narrower arteries and a tired pancreas that will soon need help in the form of an insulin tablet and/or other medication.

This addictive cycle can be temporarily broken with a 3-day juice cleanse or a 2-week detox, but as our lives continue to be demanding most people find themselves falling back into old survival habits of caffeine kicks and carb domination.

The permanent solution is to change your habits so you can nourish your body and feed your soul at the same time. It’s no secret that changing long-standing habits is the answer, but BBB gives you the tools and information needed to make positive, permanent changes.

BBB has the BETTER and BEST alternatives to thousands of unhealthy foods, golden rules to approach each meal and tips for eating out so you can still enjoy all of your favourite flavours, satisfy emotional reasons for eating while building your health and shrinking your waistline.

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