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Keto-OS Experiment


For the past 22 years I’ve been trying to help people get fitter and lose weight. On the whole, I have been successful with part 1, however part 2 has been far more difficult, and with some clients, completely elusive.

Despite a dozen different approaches and various protocols all in the name of enhanced health and accelerated weight loss, they have all fundamentally failed for 2 reasons…the 2 Ds.

These methods all require varying degrees of Discipline and Deprivation, 2 things that continue to become a challenge in this fast-paced, expensive world we live in. I still back all of these approaches, and they deliver on their promises… as long as people are willing to be disciplined, make some sacrifices and change unhealthy habits.

In my job, I am always being asked to try supplements.

  • Almost all are chemically-concocted rubbish that I reject after reading the ingredient list.
  • A handful are OK, but don’t serve a purpose for me e.g. Because I eat so many green foods and juices the “Mega greens” supplements do not have ANY impact on the way I feel, although they do good for many other people.
  • A very small selection of supplements
    make me feel and function better and are part of my daily routine, this is on top of a diet that comprises of 95% wholefood, organic produce, fresh from the farmers market each week.

A month ago a fellow health professional told me about ‘Keto-OS’ a supplement that requires ZERO forced dietary changes and no more exercise than you feel like doing but still delivers results. I thought this one would be worth a try and was interested to know how well it would take care of the 2 Ds.

For the last 4 weeks, I have not forced any dietary or exercise changes. I have continued to eat a clean, healthy diet and have kept up my usual exercise routine (3-4 sessions/week). However, in just 2 weeks on Keto-OS I didn’t feel like my spelt bread with egg & avo in the morning, I switched to a wholefoods protein shake instead.

Experiences over the last 20 years have shown me that the vast majority of people do NOT want to give up their alcohol, sugar and all the other dietary pleasures that make up part of modern living…despite their desire to lose weight. Remembering this, I was mindful not to significantly change my diet while trialling Keto-OS.

To get a true measure of the effect of this supplement, I did pre and post testing for both my bodyfat and performance indicators. Results are:

Body composition:

Weight:    -700 grams, nothing to write home about.

Muscle Mass:    +1.3kg, I have been trying to improve – score!

Bodyfat: -2kg or  3% loss, Double score!

InBody score: Up 5 points. Inbody is an accurate scanning system that measures your body composition and symmetry.


Strength:     From 169kg up to 184.5kg = +15.5kg  (Image below)

Anaerobic capacity:     From 23 cals to 27 cals = +4 cals

Aerobic capacity:     7.13 to 6.59 = 14 seconds faster

If, like me, you are training as hard as physically can, you are eating as clean as you mentally can, and have reached a plateau (I blame the aging process), I recommend doing the experiment for yourself. See if you feel any of these changes I went through (listed in the order I experienced):

  1. More energy for exercise
  2. Less inflammation and soreness after exercise
  3. More productive at work
  4. Increased motivation to help with tasks at home
  5. Less cravings for starchy carbs
  6. Reduced bodyfat
  7. Just not feeling like as much food as I used to eat

Of course, the general and tried and true recommendation for weight loss is to eat well and exercise more, but everybody already knows that and, for most people, this is just not enough, it was enough for me up until 1 year when I started experiencing the middle-aged spread…at 39!

With Keto-OS, you just take the drink in the morning and then do what you normally do, NO FORCED CHANGES!

Depending on the US dollar it’s around $210 Australian for the 30-day pack, including delivery from the States, which is around $30.

Here’s some more info on their website: More info on how Keto-OS works click on this link and watch the video: http://fitrev.shopketo.com/au

Private message me on FB if you’re keen to join me.


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I’ve been training and nutritional coaching for 20 years and over this time I’ve collected the highest nutrition qualifications from industry leaders Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin and Reed Davis. I’ve coached high profile people like Hollywood actor Hugh Grant, and Ms. Universe contestant Jesinta Campbell. Most importantly I’ve helped thousands of everyday people get healthier and lose weight without deprivation through the BBB system. And now you can have all my secrets to a lean, energized and healthy body.