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The BEST form of coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee and Cream

The BEST form of coffee for weight loss is an organic espresso with a small amount of the thickest, most raw and real cream you can get your hands on, or a dash of organic milk if cream isn’t available.

Coffee is a heavily sprayed crop (sprayed up to 17 times!). The artificial chemicals slowly but surely accumulate in your tissues, including your poor liver.

This means your liver can’t do it’s other job of breaking down your fats efficiently.

So if you’re a regular coffee drinker and would like to lose weight a little faster start drinking organic coffee…if you want to lose even more weight try making the rest of your diet organic too. Now that you’re aware of it you’ll be surprised at how many organic coffee places are popping up.

In reference to the cream, that’s fresh cream NOT sweetened aerosol cream, it is actually one of the BEST (if not the BEST) foods you can do to squash a carbohydrate craving, one reason those 1950s starlets and women of the era generally, stayed so slim.

When you have a short black or skinny cap you may enjoy a better buzz, but be aware of how the rest of your day’s eating goes from there.

I doubt anyone will give up his or her coffee after reading this. The great news is that you don’t need to! Check the Golden Rules in your ‘Breakfast Principles’ to see the ideal order you should consume your caffeine so that all of it’s benefits (and less of its negatives) can be enjoyed.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the marketing campaigns, just because a drink is called ‘skinny’ does not mean it will make you skinny. There are very good reasons for the low-fat diet dying back in the 1990s.

Bottom line – Learn to listen to your body and observe your own habits. This is the core philosophy of BBB.

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I’ve been training and nutritional coaching for 20 years and over this time I’ve collected the highest nutrition qualifications from industry leaders Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin and Reed Davis. I’ve coached high profile people like Hollywood actor Hugh Grant, and Ms. Universe contestant Jesinta Campbell. Most importantly I’ve helped thousands of everyday people get healthier and lose weight without deprivation through the BBB system. And now you can have all my secrets to a lean, energized and healthy body.