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How to find YOUR perfect diet


Regardless of how many scientific studies or new diet revolutions come out, there can never be one perfect diet for anyone…ever. This is true even if a diet comes from your favourite slim celebrity.

Just a few of the reasons there can never be one perfect diet is because:

  1. We inevitably age
  2. The weather changes
  3. Our stress levels rise and fall
  4. Our constantly changing physical & mental activity

It is for these and many other fluctuating reasons that our nutritional needs (and cravings) constantly change. These changing nutritional requirements are to keep the body in a state of perfect balance – aka homeostasis.

 The diet that may have worked perfectly for you when you were 20 may be completely different to the one that will work for you now.

What we can say with certainty is that whole, unprocessed, fresh foods and plenty of pure water will always be good for you. Many people know this already, but what most people don’t know is that the ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats (the macronutrients) required by the body can change quickly.

The only way to determine the foods and ratios of macronutrients that work best for your body on an on-going basis is to listen to your body and understand how it reacts. This means that you need to learn the difference between:

• Feeling stuffed with food vs. feeling satisfied with nutrients
• Feeling high on caffeine vs. feeling naturally energised from foods
• The need for another entire serving or just a couple of fish oil capsules to leave you feeling fully satisfied

Your body provides constant feedback that tells you whether the meal, snack or beverage you last consumed was right for YOU. To help, all of these reactions are clearly outlined in BBB.

BBB explains how you will react (in both the short and long term) if you’ve had too many carbs or overdone the protein and fat.

BBB helps you recognise the signs & symptoms of poor digestion & health that often lead to weight gain, this way you can avoid the common pitfalls and always feel in the ‘Power Zone’ – an optimal state of health where:

  1. Cravings for sugar and caffeine are permanently squashed
  2. Your mouth, mind and stomach are completely satisfied
  3. Your thoughts are clear & sharp
  4. You feel emotionally uplifted 

BBB also shows you how to manage changing situations, empowering you to make the BEST possible choices wherever you are while still losing weight.

While there is no perfect diet, you can always make smarter, healthier choices by understanding what good nutrition is, and more importantly, how your body reacts.

So while there is no perfect diet, you can always make smarter, healthier choices by understanding what good nutrition is, and more importantly, how your body reacts.

About Tim Pittorino

I’ve been training and nutritional coaching for 20 years and over this time I’ve collected the highest nutrition qualifications from industry leaders Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin and Reed Davis. I’ve coached high profile people like Hollywood actor Hugh Grant, and Ms. Universe contestant Jesinta Campbell. Most importantly I’ve helped thousands of everyday people get healthier and lose weight without deprivation through the BBB system. And now you can have all my secrets to a lean, energized and healthy body.