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Supplements – A waste of money or a modern day necessity?

Wholefoods vs. Supplements

Firstly, why supplement? Can’t I get all my nutrients from wholefoods?

100 years ago the answer would have likely been ‘Yes’, but with the introduction of pesticides, processed foods, pollution, excess oestrogen exposure, poor soil and over 80,000 foreign chemicals coupled with…

… a culture largely dependent on stimulants such as: caffeine, white flour, white sugar and alcohol, it would be fair to say the vast majority of people living in modern cities cannot get 100% of their nutrients from food alone.

All of the modern-day pollutants and stimulants listed above block and/or drain the essential nutrients from our body system and leave us with cravings, low energy, poor mood, food addictions, weakened immune systems, short attention spans and pre-mature ageing.

The above signs & symptoms are often dismissed and accepted as normal ageing. BUT as a wise man once told me, “Just because it’s normal, doesn’t make it healthy”.

How do I know if I need a supplement?

If you experience any of the above signs or symptoms you are likely to benefit from certain supplements. It is unfortunate, however unless your lifestyle happens to mimic a Tibetan monk living and breathing with nature chances are a nutritional supplement could really help.

This is particularly true for people who juggle a hectic schedule, often feel rushed/stressed, need an alarm to wake up, need a coffee to REALLY wake up, don’t or can’t sit down to relax at every meal, and live in a city.

Which one do I get?

Get assessed. It is always a good idea to get tested by either a kinesiologist, nutritionist, naturopath or via a bio-resonance test, to see exactly what you need and how much to take.

Then take the HIGHEST QUALITY form of that supplement, whether it be a probiotic drink, a specific tablet or even fermented foods such as sauerkraut.

Your nutritionist/naturopath will likely have a preferred brand of these supplements which they will recommend. I also have my preferred sources, but I’ll go into those more next week.

How do I know it’s working?

You could get re-tested by your therapist, however my preferred way is to get in tune with your body and note how you feel. Generally, you should notice a distinct difference within two weeks.

How long do I take them?

This depends on how far and long you were out of balance. For example, a healthy person might take 1 cycle of antibiotics following an illness. (Antibiotics destroy both good and bad gut bacteria). As they were likely to have had healthy gut flora previous to the antibiotics, regaining good gut balance should only take 3 months of a probiotic program to bring them back to full health.

Someone who has had a long history of stress, is a daily coffee drinker and has a poor diet will take much longer to regain a healthy gut balance.

How much should I spend?

Just like food, you get for what you pay for – a cheap price usually means a cheap (and useless) product.


When consuming any new food or supplement introduce 1 at a time and really listen to how your body responds.

On-going self-experimentation is essential to long and lasting health as your body ages and your lifestyle and environmental stressors constantly change.

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BOTTOM line: Most people would benefit from some form of nutritional supplement to COMPLEMENT their wholefoods diet.

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