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Is Red Meat really harder to digest?


Questioning if red meat is hard to digest is like asking “Isn’t lifting heavy weights dangerous?”

If you do not have the stability, strength, technique and experience, then ‘Yes’ lifting heavy weights can be potentially dangerous.

Similarly, red meat is hard to digest if you do not have the digestive strength/enzymes to break it down properly. This could be due to genetic factors, or more commonly a weakened digestive system resulting from a CRAP diet. Typically, a CRAP diet is characterised by excess:

Caffeine – More than 2/day

Refined carbohydrates & sugar

Alcohol – More than 2/day

Processed foods

The frequent use of Over the Counter medications (anti-inflammatories & pain-relief) as well as high amounts of stress also significantly contribute to weaker digestive enzymes, getting older doesn’t help either, this is why Nana loves a good puree.

It is for all of these reasons that most people have trouble digesting meat, in particular red meat as they get older, and NOT that red meat is inherently BAD for us.

Red meat is harder to digest than white meat, so if you:

  1. Have a hard time digesting red meat
  2. Are especially stressed
  3. Don’t have a great digestive system due to genetics, a CRAP diet or poor lifestyle habits, then choose the lighter, more easily digestible proteins such as chicken, fish and seafood.

As always listen to your body and see what it says, after each meal you should feel:

  • Fully satisfied, not stuffed
  • A noticeable revitalisation in energy, not lethargic
  • Be mentally and physically uplifted for 3-4 hours without any cravings for sugar or caffeine

Contrary to popular practice red meat is BEST consumed early in the day when your digestive enzymes are usually at their highest, not a couple of hours before the big sleep, so try having your hit of heavier meat for breakfast or lunch and see how you feel.

Review all your different types and styles of meat in your BBB comparison for the BEST version of everything!

About Tim Pittorino

I’ve been training and nutritional coaching for 20 years and over this time I’ve collected the highest nutrition qualifications from industry leaders Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin and Reed Davis. I’ve coached high profile people like Hollywood actor Hugh Grant, and Ms. Universe contestant Jesinta Campbell. Most importantly I’ve helped thousands of everyday people get healthier and lose weight without deprivation through the BBB system. And now you can have all my secrets to a lean, energized and healthy body.