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Keto-OS 1 year on…

Just over a year ago a friend and fellow soldier in the war against obesity and other preventable lifestyle conditions introduced me to Keto-OS, as always I tried it with an open mind and an honest experiment.

It worked very well in terms both performance and aesthetics (see previous blog posts), which I always like, as my ageing body and fragile ego isn’t ready to start getting slower, sorer and softer – Cue: Suck in tummy and sit up tall.

What I like about Keto-OS?

  1. You can lose body-fat and still have a life

While our bodies/Liver create Ketones naturally from a strict diet of high fat and very low carbs, the ketogenic diet it is not at all social and very hard to sustain for a long period of time. However by drinking the exogenous ketones you don’t have to be so strict, which works out well if you have what scientists’ call ‘a life’.

  1.  It is not available from wholefoods

Unlike protein powders, that are usually just milk broken down into a powder form with a sweetener added, you can’t actually consume ketones from any food source.

  1. It’s Free!

As this is still a relatively new company the main way they are getting the word out there is to give their product away for free. You only pay shipping! All you have to do is introduce 2 people who enrol as a customer and commit to monthly smartship, and you receive your monthly smartship FREE, as long as they continue to order.
More info: http://bit.ly/Free-Keto-OS-for-Customers

This type of marketing saves huge amounts of money on shop fronts, rent, staff etc. to highlight this the average protein powder has a 700% mark up, whereas Keto-OS has a 40% mark up. All you need is your own website name (URL) which you can individualise as shown below. If you want anymore info on this PM me and i’ll send you a video I’ve made.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 7.42.05 pm

Who has gotten results and who hasn’t?

After a year of trialling it on myself as well as 55 clients, friends and family, as well as reading and hearing about the millions of others that have tried it, here are my observations:

Who it works best for:

  1. People that exercise regularly.

A bit of a no-brainer but there are millions of people that still expect to take a supplement, sit on the couch, drink excessive booze, eat junk food and are genuinely shocked when they don’t lose 1kg/week.

  1. People that increase their fats and decrease their carbohydrates.

This is the crux of a ketogenic diet, and many other diets too (I Quit Sugar, Paleo). In short, whenever you decrease your alcohol, sugar and refined and starchy carbohydrates intake you will lose weight, the problem is this is what most people’s diet is made up of, particularly the carbohydrates (Breakfast cereals, almost all breads, pasta, etc.).

Keto-OS will decrease the cravings for these foods, BUT it helps if you start replacing the carbs with higher fat foods such as avocados, raw nuts, unprocessed meats, coconut products, click on image below for a clearer view.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.14.46 pm

  1. People who take it consistently

Just like people drink a coffee everyday for that morning kick, drinking Keto-OS is similar to caffeine in that it’s effects peak around 30-60 mins after you consume it and has a half-life for around 3-5 hours. For the days where you don’t exercise I have observed that it is most beneficially when consuming it just as the carb/sugar cravings kick in which is around 10am and again around the 2-3pm mark.

In conclusion, when you combine a healthy amount of exercise and cut down (not out) the sugar and carbs the weight loss results come faster.

What else does it do?

As being in a state of Ketosis is more than just about changing you from a sugar-burner into a fat-burner, it also helps with ALL other inflammatory reactions that include:

  1. Arthritis, colitis, or any other ‘–itis’
  2. Decreases muscle inflammation, which is why Cross-fitters love it so they can train hard twice a hard with less muscle inflammation. Forget about 2 sessions a day, I found turning 40 increased my inflammation.
  3. Lower insulin levels which means less chance of diabetes
  4. Lower cholesterol levels which is good if you want to avoid having a stroke or heart attack.

Summary Points

In summary, using ketones as fuel instead of sugar helps you to stop craving sugar and carbs which is the foundation to losing weight, longer term helps prevent inflammatory conditions arising and just helps your body and brain function better. I am continuing to use it and promote it to all those people who are ready to take both health and performance to the next level.

Thanks to everyone that has tried it I hope you too are feeling and seeing the benefits.

The BEST form of coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee and Cream

The BEST form of coffee for weight loss is an organic espresso with a small amount of the thickest, most raw and real cream you can get your hands on, or a dash of organic milk if cream isn’t available.

Coffee is a heavily sprayed crop (sprayed up to 17 times!). The artificial chemicals slowly but surely accumulate in your tissues, including your poor liver.

This means your liver can’t do it’s other job of breaking down your fats efficiently.

So if you’re a regular coffee drinker and would like to lose weight a little faster start drinking organic coffee…if you want to lose even more weight try making the rest of your diet organic too. Now that you’re aware of it you’ll be surprised at how many organic coffee places are popping up.

In reference to the cream, that’s fresh cream NOT sweetened aerosol cream, it is actually one of the BEST (if not the BEST) foods you can do to squash a carbohydrate craving, one reason those 1950s starlets and women of the era generally, stayed so slim.

When you have a short black or skinny cap you may enjoy a better buzz, but be aware of how the rest of your day’s eating goes from there.

I doubt anyone will give up his or her coffee after reading this. The great news is that you don’t need to! Check the Golden Rules in your ‘Breakfast Principles’ to see the ideal order you should consume your caffeine so that all of it’s benefits (and less of its negatives) can be enjoyed.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the marketing campaigns, just because a drink is called ‘skinny’ does not mean it will make you skinny. There are very good reasons for the low-fat diet dying back in the 1990s.

Bottom line – Learn to listen to your body and observe your own habits. This is the core philosophy of BBB.

Why not share this with all your Skinny drinking pals.

About Tim Pittorino

I’ve been training and nutritional coaching for 20 years and over this time I’ve collected the highest nutrition qualifications from industry leaders Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin and Reed Davis. I’ve coached high profile people like Hollywood actor Hugh Grant, and Ms. Universe contestant Jesinta Campbell. Most importantly I’ve helped thousands of everyday people get healthier and lose weight without deprivation through the BBB system. And now you can have all my secrets to a lean, energized and healthy body.